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Hello to all Adventurers,

Welcome to the blog for Cape Reinga Adventures.

We will be posting stories, pictures and other tasty bits about life in the Far North of New Zealand and the wonderful things that you can do and experience.

New Zealand has a lot to offer with Food, Scenery and Activities that are amazing.

Cape Reinga Adventures takes you all around the northern tip on New Zealand that includes Ninety Mile Beach, Cape Reinga, the huge Te Paki Sand Dunes and more.

If you have been on a trip with Marty, tell us all about your experiences in the comments




  1. Hi Marty Brenda here from Aria. Ive found your website and think its great, i have told alot of my friends about you and what you can show them when they visit the farnorth. I enjoyed catching up with you last October, sorry it was a brief visited but had a friend from
    Aussie that did’nt have much time in New Zealand. Next time im up your way i would love to stay a few days. One of my best times that i still think about was when we all went camping up at that beach up by the cape and you got us crayfish and paua for tea and sitting with friends around a fire with a few drinks. I enjoyed the fishing off the white sands and down at Paua. Having to get out of bed early to get the right tides was something i wouldn’t of done if it was’nt for you giving me that drive, i really enjoyed my time up the farnorth and it wont be forgotten.

    see ya soon brenda

  2. Hey Pete and Marty, Back in the US after a long flight on Tues. I left NZ with heavy heart and could have easily stayed another month or 2. Cape Reinga was a fabulous sedoff from this amazing country of yours. Thanks so much for all the activities and casual and friendly atmophere you provide. I still can’t believe I caught that big fish !! Have a wonderful autumn and best of luck with your new endeavors. Big smile to you both..Nicole

  3. Hi Marty,
    Just wanting to come up for a fish this weekend with two other mates. Can you give me prices on accomadation and also drop off and pick up from the rock island i fished off last time please.

    Look forward to your reply

    Ben Laird

  4. Hi everybody!

    I’m back to my everyday life in Germany now, but I went on an adventure with Merty and his guys in february. I’m not lying when I say that it was one of the best things I did during my 4 month in NZ!!
    I think it was one of their first tours and I wasn’t sure if I wanna do it – I’m so glad I said yes. Marty promissed me an adventure…it really was one ;)
    They take u to that awesome place where it feels like paradise and u will get to c the most amazing sand in the world…u will have a campfire and make the fish u just caught a few minutes ago…and there’s lots more – but I really don’t wanna ruin the surprise(s) ;)

    If you’re not that much into comercialised mass-tourism-things this is exactly what you’re looking for!
    And hey, you really can’t leave NZ without having met Bushman Pete! :)

    All I can say is that this tour is definately worth doing it!!
    I enjoyed it sooo much. Thanks for my Kiwi-adventure!

    Take care&keep enjoying life,

  5. Hi Marty. We all had a good day yeaterday. Pity about the Tuatuas!! look forward to staying at the lodge and doing some beach fishing with you.

    Chers, and all the best.

  6. Marty (lofty}Vandenbrink

    Hi Marty and Netta

    Hows it goin up there in the far north . We often share our experiances with friends and and the best fishing story , camping storys always come from the times we spent with you guys up north. I can remember lots of fishing trips over the white sands that had full fish bags and stacking fillets into the smoker from the last nights fishing trip to scotts. But the best kayac trip /fishing trtip was the full moon night fish . What a blast ! the moon on the water and warm summer nights , rods bending and reals screaming . After all that we padeled back under the full moon and saw sting rays gluiding along the surface . Anyone who has never been night fishing needs to do this trip with Marty . I can recomend no matter your experience these guys will take very good care of you ,not to mention having the time of your life

    Hope to catch up soon

    Cheers Lofty

  7. Hay bro hows it going! am defo coming over for xmas so keep your calender clear for a mission.
    also am thimking of coming over in a fue week (nothing defo) whats the fishing been like? whats the vis like???? am desperat for a good fishing and diving mish. have been globe troting for a bit now and nothing comes close to the far north.
    got to go am at work in the north see at the mo.


  8. Hey Marty

    The fishing trip was ecxellent! I never caught so a big fish (snapper) before this trip! It was fun, and the fish was a delicious!
    I really recommend fishing with Marty for everyone !

    Have a good time,

    Cheers Beat from Switzerland

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