Want to Go Camping?

Struggling for space to breath, sick of the commercial stuff, well guess what…

Experience the real wild and crazy Cape Reinga camping tour with Bushman Pete and the crew.

With our Cape Reinga over night camping tour, you get:

  • Cape Reinga tour
  • Sandboarding
  • Ninety Mile Beach
  • Camping with breath taking scenery beside the water
  • Kayaking
  • Beach fishing
  • Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast
  • And no bloody mozzies! @ extra cost

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This is a real New Zealand experience. for only $165pp everything is included. you can go quad biking or horse trekking for an extra $90pp The camp site is on the edge of the Parengarenga Harbour, the white sand is very fine and pure white, looks like snow…

The guides are real kiwis, rough around the edges but pure gentlman at heart. They have more energy than the All Blacks, these guys put the A in the word Adventure.

We can caiter for back packers , families, team building projects to corporate clients, we accommodate any person or groups. This is a real kiwi thing, we design tours to suit your every need.

This tour departs Paihia at 9am then returning around 3pm the next day.

For bookings Phone 0800 00 22 66 or 09 4027075 or via the website at Saltwater Lodge

Evening meals range from what ever you can catch i.e fish, crays, mussels, oysters, wild polltry or even wild pig!

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